CursiVision Home Page Info

CursiVision Home Page Info

What is CursiVision ?

CursiVision is real signature and handwriting capture coupled with an elegant and powerful set of document management tools that finally brings meaningful e-signature capture to the enterprise, large and small.

Signature Capture And Document Management

CursiVision is a Windows Application which was developed from the beginning to be the solid, robust, and extensible system that fully realizes the potential for the resource and time savings possibilities that signature capture and document management promise. Put aside any fears that entering the electronic document age would force you to change your business practices in inconvenient ways.

In fact, CursiVision can embrace your current business processes while introducing you to whole new ideas for document storage and management.

Seamlessly replacing paper with electronic documents is a start, achieving the efficiencies inherant with new processes for document flow however you want them to take shape, with the flexible tools offered with CursiVision is the goal.

Don't need Signature Capture ?

The Document Management tools in CursiVision are completely functional even without Signature Capture. Signature Capture is but one step in the process, perhaps a step that you don't need right now?

CursiVision's elegant document management tools can be put to use adding automation to any type of document. Simply print the document to the CursiVision Print driver. If the configured print profile indicates signature capture should be skipped, CursiVision immediately executes the chain of document management tools setup for that document type. Additionally - it will do so in a 100% automated fashion, it starts up automatically, performs it's magic upon your document, and closes itself down. Not a single action is required of any individual, if there even is one, at the computer.

Perhaps you'd like to "intercept" a document on it's way to a physical printer; you could take data from that document, log that data into a spreadsheet, take a photo of something and put in the document; scan another document in behind it (saving the new document anywhere), and finally, send it on it's way to the original physical printer. All of that and much more can be done out of the box with CursiVision.

In addition, when using CursiVision as a pure document management tool, no signature capture hardware is required.

What Hardware does CursiVision Use ?

Finally, Off-The-Shelf Signature capture is implemented on Android Tablets, phones, or Windows Tablet PCs !

Of course, you can still use traditional electronic signature pads with CursiVision.

However, with today's technology in Windows TabletPCs, touchscreen Laptops, and Android phones and tablets finally suited to provide a real pen on paper type experience on the computer - CursiVision is the perfect software member of the team bringing you solid and robust signature capture and document management - without getting in your way or attempting to change the way you run your business now. The only "changes" we want you to experience - are those that you implement when you see how easy it is to insert electronic documents into your business processes, and encounter some of the truly powerful ways you can manage these documents.

Any handwriting - fill out forms !

CursiVision isn't just about signatures. We do not force a distinction between signatures and handwriting.

This frees the user up to move all of your previous paper based processes into the digital world.

Fully automated business processes

Any application that can print - can integrate electronic signature or handwriting capture on it's documents with CursiVision.

CursiVision has multiple ways it can be "launched" in automation scenarios that allow the system to become part of complex business processes.

More than just writing on documents

CursiVision provides Document Management capabilities through it's strong cadre of processing tools that handle the document after being filled out or signed by the user.

This toolbox is built upon a formal software interface the CursiVision system publishes. This means that any entity can easily develop additional processing options and CursiVision will utilize these after the document is signed (or filled out) by the user.