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Fully automated business processes

Any application that can print - can integrate electronic signature or handwriting capture on it's documents with CursiVision.

CursiVision has multiple ways it can be "launched" in automation scenarios that allow the system to become part of complex business processes.

The distinction being made is that a document is presented to the user for signing automatically as opposed to the user being directed to double-click on the application, thus avoiding new "steps" required of staff or customers.

The first of these is when an application prints the document to the CursiVision print driver, which will cause CursiVision to:

  1. recognize the document

  2. present the document on the monitor of the print driver host

    Any and multiple machines can host the print driver - therefore, a server machine completely separate from the computer where signing should occur can cause signing to occur by printing to that machine's CursiVision print driver.

  3. After gathering the required signature or handwriting, CursiVision will exercise the configured chain of post processing tools, one of which might be to store the document back on the initiating server's location, or, to pass the document back via the CursiVision receptor service described next.

The other integration technique utilizes the CursiVision Receptor service. This is a windows service provided with CursiVision that waits for communication from any machine on a configurable port.

Upon receiving a connection from a machine, this service accepts the PDF file for upload and then launches CursiVision for signing by the current user (again, recognizing the document and knowing where to sign it, and what to do with it after signing).

This windows service can also be used to simply store the incoming document on the machine (or on the network visible to it). This latter ability allows documents to be stored on a network location only accessible to privileged users from non-privileged computers, even computers not logged on to the network. Carried a step further - this service would also allow a server application to initiate signing on a computer, such as a wireless TabletPC in the lobby, without requiring any user on that computer be logged into the local network.

CursiVision also contains technology that can read text from the document being signed, and the resulting data is available to the tools exercised post signing. For example, the actual invoice number when signing an invoice can be used when saving the file in the configured location to name the file. Thus, when referencing that signed invoice in the future - it is extremely easy to find.

These capabilities allow the system to seamlessly integrate with business processes in a totally automated way that does not rely upon any communication to, or training of, staff or signers about some new "step" they have to take. The document simply appears on their monitor waiting for signing - and they already know what to do. What happens after it is signed is 100% configurable to the needs of the business process, and all of those things happen without intervention or direction of the user at the signing machine.

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