CursiVision Demos

These demos show the flexibility of CursiVision

You can also use them as getting started guides for using the CursiVision system to integrate with your existing business processes.

Document Routing Demo

This demo shows how CursiVision can communicate with another computer on the network

... to have a document signed and saved, or just saved on the target computer or a network location accessible to it.

This can be done without requiring an individual to be logged on to either machine, which allows you to present a TabletPC to visitors to sign documents, while not having that machine exposing network drives to the visitor, while still achieving storage of the document on your network.

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Using the CursiVision Video Tool

One of the post-signing tools uses the host computer's web-cam and snaps a picture of the signer

... or any object for that matter, and places that picture directly in the signed document in a location, of the size, that you specify.

This demo was produced with CursiVision using an electronic signature pad, however, the concept and settings are identical when utilizing the TabletPC version of CursiVision.

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Capturing Data from the signed document

CursiVision can find and read data from the PDF file after it has been signed by the user.

This is but one of the rich set of back end processing components built for the system.

Here we show how this technique can be used to name the resulting signed document wherever it is saved after signing, as well as to log details from the document into an Excel spreadsheet.

Please note that you can define then read any number of fields within the document and that you can do this in different ways with different documents. For example, from an IRS 1040 form, you might want to pull out certain data, but from a 1040EZ form - you may want to get different data. Because CursiVision recognizes documents - and saves it's configuration settings based on the document type you can have any number of different types of documents in your processes and have CursiVision do completely different things with each type.

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Signature Replication Demo

One of CursiVision's post processing tools is Signature Replication.

With this tool - you can have your signer write on the document in one place - then the system automatically places that signature on multiple pages - wherever you specify on each destination page. With CursiVision's multiple location signing capability, you can replicate one or more of these locations, and each replication can be performed any number of times and appear anywhere you specify on the document.

Imagine, for example, your signer signs their full name in one location, and places initials in another - those initials could then be replicated throughout the document, even in multiple places on any given page, but the main signature does not also have to be replicated.

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CursiVision Scanning Documents Demo

This post-signing tool shows how to scan associated documents after a signer has filled out a form - and combine those scans with the signed document.

Imagine, for example, a doctor's office having patients fill out forms in the waiting area - followed by reception scanning the insurance card right into the electronic copy of the form filled in by the patient.

This particular demo is using an electronic signature pad for the signature capture. However, the concept is exactly the same for the TabletPC version of CursiVision as well.

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