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You can check out CursiVision, 100% risk free, to see first hand what we mean by full featured document management and office automation

Evaluating CursiVision

The Evaluation version of CursiVision is 100% enabled and does not expire !

All you need to do is click here to download the installer.


You can set up all sorts of signature capture and document management toolbox flow and processing chains with this version. If for no other reason, just to see how these work and how you could create new document automation procedures that will be saving you time and money right away.

The only thing different about this version is that it inserts the handwriting into the signed document(s) upside down. Everything else is 100% enabled - including all of the tools in the toolbox. For example, you can start capturing data from the documents in the flow(s), you could create a process which includes snapping a photo of an individual or object, and embedding that in the document, and so on. All of the capability in CursiVision is delivered in the Evaluation version.

What hardware do I need ?

CursiVision works extremely well with, and ships with, the new InnoVisioNate Phablet Signature Pad ! This means that you can start capturing signatures right now - today - with Any Android phone or Tablet - or with a Windows Tablet PC. Out of the box with CursiVision - including this evaluation version - you get the software that turns these inexpensive and ubiquitous devices into full featured signature capture devices that far outstrip in functionality (and future promise for that matter) anything you could get from dedicated signature capture hardware.

If you have, or would like to obtain an electronic signature pad, please let us know and we can provide assistance. The following pads are supported with CursiVision:

  • Wacom
    Models STU-300, STU-500, and the Color STU-520
    When additional Wacom pads become available, we will make every attempt to support them.
  • signotec
    Models Sigma and Omega
    Again, when and if signotec produces new models, we are happy to update support for them.
  • Scriptel
    Models ST-1500
    Though this device has an LCD on it - it is static, i.e., it cannot display signatures or bitmaps from the document. Thus, these aspects of CursiVision do not work on this pad. It is, however, perfectly suited for gathering signatures.

Please click Evaluate to check out CursiVision. We will ask for your e-mail address - however, we will never use that for any purpose, nor will we ever give that to anyone.

Click Evaluate to get Started - and oh by the way, Welcome to CursiVision ! Evaluate