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What Hardware does CursiVision Use ?

Finally, Off-The-Shelf Signature capture is implemented on Android Tablets, phones, or Windows Tablet PCs !

Of course, you can still use traditional electronic signature pads with CursiVision.

However, with today's technology in Windows TabletPCs, touchscreen Laptops, and Android phones and tablets finally suited to provide a real pen on paper type experience on the computer - CursiVision is the perfect software member of the team bringing you solid and robust signature capture and document management - without getting in your way or attempting to change the way you run your business now. The only "changes" we want you to experience - are those that you implement when you see how easy it is to insert electronic documents into your business processes, and encounter some of the truly powerful ways you can manage these documents.

As of this writing, CursiVision has been on the market for 4 1/2 years. Throughout this period, the system has never been tied to any specific provider of electronic signature pad or technology. Since the system was initially architected to be hardware or device agnostic, we have been able to implement native support for touch-screen TabletPCs, laptops, and Android tablets and phones seamlessly and correctly. Today - CursiVision is using these devices in place of expensive signature pad hardware and has completely removed the significant cost barrier to entry for signature capture technology to the masses! In addition to the greatly reduced cost of this new "platform" for signature capture - the fact these devices are true computers in their own right - opens the door (which we are stepping through as we speak) for a much more elegant and natural signing experience. Indeed the CursiVision technology that powers the "TabletPC as a signature pad" concept - is staged to bring new paradigms in systems user interface techniques into existence. Imagine, for example, a phone presenting a full graphical user interface on behalf of a "server" PC application located anywhere in the world. Replacing the legacy electronic signature capture pads is only the start of what we will be doing with this new "signature capture platform".

Anouncing the InnoVisioNate Phablet Signature Pad

We have developed the necessary software to allow any Android or Windows Tablet PC to act as a full featured electronic signature pad, not only natively as a client to CursiVision - but for any application that is currently using expensive and outdated electronic signature pads.

Though CursiVision fully supports signature pad devices from multiple manufacturers, InnoVisioNate has never been tied to any signature pad company and will continue this tradition to ensure the hardware choice by any customer will not lock them into any manufacturer. Certainly from the perspective of our software, in any case. In fact, here is a link to the signature pad interface specification that CursiVision uses to talk to any signature pad, including the "Phablet" pad. If there is a signature pad that CursiVision does not ship support for - it is a very simple matter to develop software around this interface and CursiVision will work with that hardware as well as it does for any of those we do ship support for. That is the power of CursiVision's hardware agnostic architecture, and it is the primary reason that, with CursiVision, your enterprise will never be locked into any one hardware supplier.

The "Phablet" signature pad software we have developed is shipped with CursiVision which allows your use of any Android or Windows TabletPC you already own to be put into service today for signature capture. Your licensed version of CursiVision also provides the licensed use of this software on one such device (Android Tablet, phone, or Windows TabletPC), and you are welcome to integrate the Phablet Signature pad concept into your own applications. Here is a link to the Phablet Signature Pad API specification if you would like to investigate how to do that. As always, should you have any questions at all about this, don't hesitate to contact us and we would be glad to help.

Using a traditional electronic signature pad

Signature pads currently supported include those from Wacom, Signotec, and Scriptel. We will continue to support pads from these manufacturers and will do our best to add support when new models are introduced from them. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about the use of a certain signature pad, we will be glad to help if we can.

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