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What is CursiVision ?

CursiVision is real signature and handwriting capture coupled with an elegant and powerful set of document management tools that finally brings meaningful e-signature capture to the enterprise, large and small.

Signature Capture And Document Management

CursiVision is a Windows Application which was developed from the beginning to be the solid, robust, and extensible system that fully realizes the potential for the resource and time savings possibilities that signature capture and document management promise. Put aside any fears that entering the electronic document age would force you to change your business practices in inconvenient ways.

In fact, CursiVision can embrace your current business processes while introducing you to whole new ideas for document storage and management.

Seamlessly replacing paper with electronic documents is a start, achieving the efficiencies inherant with new processes for document flow however you want them to take shape, with the flexible tools offered with CursiVision is the goal.

Don't need Signature Capture ?

The Document Management tools in CursiVision are completely functional even without Signature Capture. Signature Capture is but one step in the process, perhaps a step that you don't need right now?

CursiVision's elegant document management tools can be put to use adding automation to any type of document. Simply print the document to the CursiVision Print driver. If the configured print profile indicates signature capture should be skipped, CursiVision immediately executes the chain of document management tools setup for that document type. Additionally - it will do so in a 100% automated fashion, it starts up automatically, performs it's magic upon your document, and closes itself down. Not a single action is required of any individual, if there even is one, at the computer.

Perhaps you'd like to "intercept" a document on it's way to a physical printer; you could take data from that document, log that data into a spreadsheet, take a photo of something and put in the document; scan another document in behind it (saving the new document anywhere), and finally, send it on it's way to the original physical printer. All of that and much more can be done out of the box with CursiVision.

In addition, when using CursiVision as a pure document management tool, no signature capture hardware is required.

Any document from Any Application

CursiVision was built to work on any document, specifically, the system does not need to have the documents it works with "prepared" in any way whatsoever. Unlike certain of our competitors that need special "markers" in pre-canned documents to work with their software, CursiVision was built from the start to provide complete freedom to our users so that they can utilize documents from applications that we haven't even heard of.

For the avoidance of any doubt, CursiVision is always working with PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) documents only, after all, no other document format would be suitable for long term storage of documents that should not be modified ( such as signed documents ). However, it works with any application because any application (that can print) simply prints to the CursiVision print driver - and the print driver handles the conversion to a 100% faithfully reproduced PDF file, while CursiVision - automatically launched from the print driver - completely handles the entire signature capture activity, then performs the document management steps you've configured should be active after signature capture.

Automate your office around the electronic storage of documents

Create new document packages based on your needs

Any document centric business will benefit by eliminating paper. What's more, it is now possible to think about how to combine document(s) in appropriate ways to bring new efficiencies to your workplace.

For example, we have tax preparation professionals who are now able to scan the IRS W2 forms of customers' directly into new pages in the electronic version of the 1040.

In essence - the office "electro-staples" any additional document to the main tax form, that the customer (and preparer) signs electronically, sometimes in multiple places, sometimes in 1 place with initials in other places.

Not only have we eliminated the physical storage of documents, we have allowed our tax preparer to re-define what a document is. For example, to one office, that might be the 1040 and the W2's together, for another, it might be those plus an automatically taken picture of the client, for yet another, 1040EZ might be a different client document altogether than the 1040. CursiVision does not dictate in any way how your organization should take advantage of document management. Nor does CursiVision get in the way when your needs and methods change - in fact - CursiVision helps you create any new method when your needs change.

Store your documents where you want to store them

We have made "electronic" storage even more powerful than simply replacing the file cabinet with computer files. Of course - when you need to retrieve documents from an electronic store, you can search any folder for files whose content contains, perhaps, a customer name. However, with powerful document management tools within CursiVision (that you have full configuration control over), this can be improved upon in many ways.

First, CursiVision can save resulting documents in automatically created sub-folders based on any combination of month, day, and year. Therefore, if you know the date the document was signed, you can find that document readily. Each different type of document can be stored in entirely different locations because all configuration options, such as where to save, are set against the document type, not globally. Thus, invoices can be placed in one location, while other types of documents would have their own location, and so on. In addition, more powerful methods are provided that utilize the actual content from the documents to help you manage them.

These methods are the result of CursiVision's elegant ability to obtain data from any place within the actual document being signed. Remember that CursiVision has recognized the document is of a certain type, such as an IRS 1040. The same recognition technology used differently gives CursiVision the ability to "read" the document at signing time and obtain from that any thing from any location on the document. Therefore, software can be run that would be provided with that data, for example, customer name. This is exactly how the CursiVision file naming tool works - it takes any data from the actual document - and uses that data to name the file, again, at any location on any computer drive that you specify.

Imagine how easy it is to find a document for a customer sitting at your desk if you know the file name of the document you are looking is that customer's name. Now imagine how easy it would be if you actually saved that file in, say, 3 different places, by SS#, by Name, and by any other data that exists on that document ? Or, you could have used CursiVision's spreadsheet logging tool, which, again, takes any data from any document, puts it in a spreadsheet - along with a hyperlink directly to the document right in the row of the spreadsheet.

Document management we haven't thought of yet

Need to integrate with some enterprise database application ? One of CursiVision's document management tools is a simple "generic" tool. The way it works is that any batch file can be run after the document is signed, with the location of that document passed as an argument. Were that batch file to contain code to place the document into a database, you have custom document management compatible with your enterprise systems, almost out of the box with CursiVision.

In addition, any third party is more than welcome to write software compatible with the published CursiVision "back-end" interface. In fact, the point of publishing that interface is to allow CursiVision to take advantage of new document management capabilities in the future. Some source code for the tools shipped with CursiVision is also provided. With it, our customers' IT departments could use this as a framework for developing new document management tools as they see fit.

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